Navigating the journey 

Well, I worked out all morning yesterday and I was having fun the whole time. I really love the exercise and getting strong part of this journey. I feel like the exercise part has been my primary focus and I feel like it’s a part I have under control. 

The part I don’t have under control is my nutrition. Real talk: I’ve eaten at least 3000 calories each day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  That’s not good. I mean, yesterday isn’t so bad because I worked out for three hours. (I know that working out for three hours is not a habit I want to start it just worked out that way yesterday.) This week I need to really focus on not eating as much, especially in the afternoon and evening. I am really feeling like it’s important to stay on track since Thanksgiving is next week. I eat a lot of protein but I think I need to eat more and add more veggies to feel more satisfied.  We shall see. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Hope everybody has a great Sunday. I am taking it as a rest day from exercise. My body needs it! Ha ha. 


Beth WA

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