Thursday was always my favorite day of the week. It was always the day of my favorite tv shows, and it was the eve of Friday. Friday’s have always been good to me. From high school football games, to wild college Friday nights, to wild single in my 20’s night outs, and then date night with my boyfriend (now husband) in my 30’s. Now, it is tradition that we get food delivered or we eat out and then we just chill the night away with Henry. ❤️

Speaking of Henry, tomorrow is a very special day. It is the anniversary of the day we found out I was pregnant with Henry!!! I will never forget it. He is my miracle. ☘️😍

Also, things have been going well with food! I’ve cut myself off in the evenings and that has helped tremendously. It is not at all easy for me but I have been talking myself out of binges every day. I am in my third day binge free!! 


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Thursday

  1. I’ve always loved Thursdays. I think it started with great tv, but there’s such a hopeful feeling about Thursdays that I love them still, even thought I have no idea what shows are on Thursdays (not because I don’t watch TV but because I watch everything OnDemand, streamed, etc.)

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