Day after Thanksgiving

I successfully hopped back on the wagon today. I ate my sweet potato breakfast and had a protein shake. That helped me resist all the sweet breads and pies and desserts at my mom’s house this morning. It wasn’t easy but I did it. 

I had a normal sized lunch and leftovers for dinner. I had an Oreo cake ball truffle thing for dessert. And then I was done. I drank tons of water because I was feeling crappy still. I had plans to work out today but ended up napping for two hours and the time go away from me. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I get a good workout session in. Yesterday I had 15K steps and today I didn’t even get 7K. But my hips are killing me from yesterday so it’s probably best. 

Tomorrow morning we are going to Henry’s godmother’s to make gingerbread houses and then I am going to hang out at my mom’s and watch the OSU bs Michigan game until Henry’s nap, then I need to be home. I have schtuff to do around the house and I have to get my meal plan together and go grocery shopping when Craig gets off work at 6. I am a person who needs time at home to refuel. 

We are going to Craig’s mom’s all day Sunday so I need to get my week in order tomorrow. 

Anyway. I’ve babbled enough. I am considering today a nonscale victory. I didn’t let yesterday turn into a bender. 

Henry had so much fun with my cousin’s son, Miles tonight. 


Beth WA

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  1. Angie Lawrence says:

    What fun?

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