Getting back into the swing

I am slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things. My eating has been good. I’ve been moving but I haven’t worked out since the 5K on Thursday. I was going to go to body pump tonight at 6:30 but I decided to go back to my morning workouts. It’s time. 

Well, I wrote that first paragraph last night and I did not get up. Boo! It’s not even the exercise that deters me, it’s the rushing around afterward to get ready for work. My friend Beth said to shower before I go and use shower wipes after.  I am going to try that. But, honestly, I probably won’t do that until after Christmas break. 

I weigh in tomorrow for the first time since November 1st and I am anxious to see the outcome. I know I’ve been up and down but my guess is 1-2 lbs down. I don’t feel like I’ve made a great pound loss, but I do feel my body changing shape and getting smaller. My mom posted a picture of my brother and me for his birthday yesterday and I was taken aback at how big I was.  Check it out:

The pic on the left is the one my mom posted and the one on the right is from this past Saturday. 

These are nice reminders that I’m on the right track. And that my hair is way better now. 😂

Hope everybody had a good hump day!! 


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Getting back into the swing

  1. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    I was going to say something to you about that picture on Facebook. What a transformation! Sometimes you don’t see it until something pops up in front of you!
    Also, when I exercise in the morning I always shower the night before and then just freshen up in the morning. This sometimes (most times) means my hair is up, but that is just what I have to do.

    • the2beths says:

      Yeah, my hair is the main issue. This style can’t be worn up and I have several cowlicks. So I am going to try it over break when it doesn’t matter about my hair and see what happens.

      Also, thanks friend!

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