Saturday Morning

Good morning! Weekends are the best, especially when you only have a 2 day work week in front of you. I am so ready for break. I am ready to spend some quality time with my bug!!!

I also wanna focus on my fitness during that time. I’ve given myself three days that I can splurge and all the rest should be regular days.  The days are tonight at my aunts, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Other than that we don’t have major plans so I should be able to stay on track. I hope I can get more workouts in because I won’t be working and Craig is off for a week! He usually isn’t off over Christmas so this is very exciting. 

The other thing I wanna do over Christmas is clean out my shit. Still. It’s a work in progress. There is so much I wanna sell, donate, and throw away. But one of my main focuses is to get a bunch of paper shredded and clean out my files and continue on our budget but a little more hard core. We have been lax lately and also we weren’t following it exactly throughout the year. It was more of a loose interpretation. 

I have stayed the same on the scale yet again. I am still eating too much but not binging so that is good. I also haven’t been doing my body pump or any very challenging workouts. However I am not beating myself up because as January 1 approaches I know I’ve continued my journey from last January and I have had a rough year in many aspects but stuck to working out the entire year. That’s something to be proud of.  Last Sunday I started taking progress pics in a lularoe dress that I have that is too small and shows all of my lumps and bumps. I will share them eventually when I see some changes. 😉

Tonight I am heading to my Aunts house to hang out with my cousins and aunts and make Christmas cookies and drink wine. I am so excited. She lives in Akron about 3 hours away. She has a beautiful home and is super fun! 

I hope you all have a great Saturday. I am heading to Body Pump and Rockin’ to the Oldies this morning so I don’t have to feel as bad about my indulgences tonight. 😂

Beth WA

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  1. Liza says:

    Here is so adorable!

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