Happy New Years!

Hello, friends. I hope you all had a Happy New Year! I’ve had a wonderful break with my family and friends. I’ve been working really hard preparing for my New Years Resolutions. 

1. Follow Dave Ramsey budget using his baby steps, his budget software and his philosophies. I cleaned out my filing cabinet, shredded all old documents and came up with a new filing system. I got the budget software called Every Dollar that aligns with Dave Ramsey. I am happy with the prep work I did. 

2. Give myself the gift of an early morning wake up and work out. This will be very challenging for me, but ultimately I know it’s the right thing for me. 

3. I joined Weight Watchers online last Tuesday and my goal is to stick to the program and blog my progress. My weigh in day is Tuesday. This first week I just logged to see what the smart points were but tomorrow I start! I am so ready. 

4. Take care of myself, and be a little more vain. I know that sounds weird but I think it translates to being a bit more confident and taking pride in myself. 

5. Go to church at least twice a month and bring Henry at least one of those times. I would like to go every week but I have to be realistic with my expectations, and hope to exceed them. 
I know it’s a lot but they are all things I want to improve or continually work on in this new year. I am excited about 2017 and hope it’s the best year yet!!! 


Beth WA

PS I’ll leave you with a picture of me wearing my tiara from high school while I was cleaning. 

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