Saturday Morning

Good Morning! 

It’s my favorite time of the week. It’s Saturday morning and I’m drinking my coffee, catching up on blogs, working on our budget (my new obsession).  I’ve had a great WW week. I didn’t go crazy with my points and I have tons of fit points. Although, I totally failed with my morning workouts, I did get up earlier for work. So, I am hoping next week is my week. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Today I am going to the gym for 10 am body pump and my 11 am rocking to the oldies, which is such a fun class. It’s not too challenging but I usually burn between 400-500 calories and get 3000+ steps. And most importantly, I have fun! Other than that I hope to straighten up the house and clean out the kitchen junk drawer. I am doing this organize one thing a week challenge I’ve had in my household binder for about 4 years. It gives you one manageable task a week. 

I also have to go to the grocery store for a few things. We have a lot of stuff right now but need a few various items to get us through the week. I need to choose what I am having for lunch this week. Hmmmm….

I started an instagram for the blog called the2beths. I plan on posting food, fitness, and progress pics. So far, it’s only food! Hahahaha. 

My friend, Beth (the other Beth) got me this for Christmas, and it just came in Monday. I am totally savoring it. I don’t want it to end. 
Have a great weekend everybody!


Beth WA

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