Saturday Morning

Y’all know how I love my Saturday mornings. I was so freaking tired last night. It was a major fight to last until 9:30. I could’ve probably gone to sleep at 7:30. I slept like a rock and Henry and I got up at 6:35 this morning. I like getting up early when I went to bed early because then I can have my beloved leisurely morning before Body Pump at 10 am. 

Henry and I were having some fun on Snapchat. I love the way he says it: ​​

Also, he was recreating the nativity. Did you know there was a dinosaur there? 

This week was crazy busy and this weekend is busy as well. I don’t like busy weekends, but that’s the breaks. 

I’ve had a three consecutive nights of no snacks after dinner and I am pretty happy about that. Hope to have a loss his week. 

Gonna go make my breakfast. 


Beth WA

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