Saturday Morning 

Well it’s my favorite time of the week. Saturday Morning. (Ignore the Santa Claus still out in my living room. 😜)

I took the week off of exercise except for Wednesday. But I ate within my points each day without using all of my weeklies by Thursday. I wasn’t starving all of the time like I am when I am exercising frequently. I need to figure out how to reconcile that- eating sensibly and working out. I need to work on figuring out the right combination of foods. And I know for sure ramping up veggies and fruits will help. Today my husband works and my dad (babysitter) is out of town so I had a planned break from my Saturday morning classes and it’s so nice just to hang out in our pajamas, do laundry, straighten up, and just putz around. 

Notables of the week….

This week was not a good car week in our family. Wednesday night my husband hit a deer on his way home from work. 

And Thursday morning I went out to two flat tires on my car. 😳

I tried my spiralizer for the first time and I loved it. 

We went to our new local IHOP for the first time, my mom, henry and myself. Henry wouldn’t eat his pancake because it had a face on it. 🙄

I tried Golden Milk (turmeric tea)

PUKE!!! I could barely drink one sip. 
And I finally ate these pitas I had ordered on Amazon and they are only one point each and delicious. I made mini pizzas for my lunch Thursday and Friday. They were like my ownhealthier version  of a Lunchable. 

Today I plan on doing laundry, going to the grocery store, and cooking something with the stew meat that I accidentally defrosted thinking it was ground beef. 😏

Anybody have any fun plans this weekend?

Beth WA

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  1. Angie Lawrence says:

    You have a fun weekend to??

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