A Hot Mess

Right now I am what you could call a hot mess. I feel things spiraling out of control and the pounds are adding not subtracting. 

I guess it’s part of the journey. My friend who is a trainer and who has lost a lotta weight gave me some advice and I am going to follow it. She gave me a very basic meal plan to follow for two weeks to balance my hormones and fight these cravings. I hope it helps. I am feeling rather down about this and annoyed that I am going into a weekend of a fun event feeling fluffy. 

I need to get back to working out. It’s been a few weeks of minimal exercise. That is not helping. 

Anyway. I am going to go pack for our St. Patrick’s Day trip which I am excited about. Henry, my mom and I are going to Cleveland for the parade. My uncle is the Grand Marshal. This is very exciting in my family, and I know my gramma is beaming with pride in heaven. It’s going to be a really fun weekend. And I have Monday and Tuesday off for a March break! Woohoo! Can’t wait to spend time with my family and my baby boy, Henry Stinkerbutts. 

Beth WA

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