What a week!

We had the most amazing St. Patrick’s Day this week with my Dad’s family. Sadly, Craig had to work all weekend. But henry, my parents and I went to Cleveland to celebrate my Uncle Roger being the Grand Marshal of the 175th Cleveland Saint Patrick’s Day parade. It was so fun and my dad’s sister Carol made sure of it! She bought matching hats and scarves for everyone.  And she had these pins made.  We all had the appropriate pins. This was Henry’s. 

Here are some parade pictures:

Then my Aunt Carol hosted a hospitality suite in the same hotel many of us were staying, and where the banquet in the evening would be. The food was delicious and everybody had a great time. 

Hi Angie!!! My most loyal reader besides my mom! Hahaha. 

After that Henry and I took a snooze then my parents and I went to the banquet while my cousin’s daughter babysat Henry in the hotel room. 

It was a beautiful evening and tribute to my Uncle Roger’s dedication and love of all things Irish that he inherited from my favorite person, my gramma Kerrigan. He honored her in his speech and there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. 

The next morning before getting on the road we had breakfast at the hotel and Henry ate so much food! 

Then we said our goodbyes and got on the road. We had a lazy day and a big nap. 

Yesterday morning I got up super early to do a 5K with my friend Kathy in Columbus which is about 50 minutes away. 

It was nice to catch up with her. We never have one on one time unless it’s in the doctor’s office. She is my doctor and the angel of my life who gave me Lexapro. 

I am off school today and tomorrow and today I start the meal plan my friend gave me. It’s a 2 week meal plan to help balance out my hormones. It’s actually a lot good way to eat in general. It’s protein and vegetables with healthy fats, basically, and one carb at dinner. I am going to actually try to do it for three weeks but we will see. I really need it. My sugar dependence/addiction is at a high point right now.    I also am getting back to working out this week. Woo hoo!!! Hopefully these steps will get me back to where I was and so I can get this weight off and keep it off. 

I warned Craig that I was going to be a real gem the next few days as I come off of sugar. 😞😫😳

I listen to a podcast called Half Size Me and the host is a woman who has lost 170 lbs and maintained it and she interviews people who have lost weight and maintained it. I pick up a lot of great tips. Some really resonate with me and some don’t. But, yesterday, a woman was saying she didn’t really follow a strict diet she just chose food that made her feel good after she ate it. Every time she ate she asked herself if that was the food that would make her want to be the Laura that she wanted to be. I really need to do that and connect the crappy food I am eating with the crappy way I feel afterward. When I eat breads, donuts, fried food, I feel so tired after. Like some times I can fall asleep even though I was not actually tired from the night before. So, those are some things I am working on. 

I hope everybody has a good Monday!!


Beth WA

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4 Responses to What a week!

  1. Angie says:

    Hi Beth, it was so much fun seeing you and Henry. He is such a great kid. Sorry we did not have Craig there. I am going to send this to Roger and Therese.
    Love ya , one of your favorite followers .
    Aunt Angie

  2. CortneySkory says:

    What??? I am in the top three of loyal readers!😊

  3. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    Your family is awesome and I am so happy for your Uncle Roger. And you Aunt Carol knows how to plan a party!
    Best of luck on the new meal plan! I hope it works for you. The more I read about food relating the hormones and allergies the more I am watching what I consume and especially what I feed my kids.

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