40 bags slacker 

I’ve been a slacker with the 40 bags but I am not giving up! Here’s my latest update.  

Bags 7-9 were from the other weekend when I sorted through my clothes and Henry’s clothes. 

Bags 10 and 11 are from sorting through paperwork that piled up in our office. 

I did those two today. They were something I could do while convalescing on the couch. 😉

How are all of your Lenten promises going?


Beth WA

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1 Response to 40 bags slacker 

  1. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    Even if you don’t get to 40 there is still a lot to be said for how much less you will have at the end of this. I will probably not make it to 40 myself but am celebrating with every bag I do take out.

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