After a rocky few months in the fitness front for me, I went back to regular workouts this week and it has been super humbling. It also reminds me that I am determined and even though I’ve had setbacks I am not giving up. 

But man, it’s rough starting back from the what feels like the beginning. I mean I know it’s not exactly like the very beginning (last January)- it just feels like that right now. I am excited to continue this journey and feel determined to make this work. 
My workouts have been beginner workouts. And at body pump the weight I could handle was sobering. So much less than before. And I used to be able to walk forever and be fine but now all of my bones and joints hurt because I am carrying too much dead weight. So I tried my Leslie Sansone videos for a while. They are good for people in my condition. 

Please don’t view this as a pity party, I am just venting. I am also documenting this feeling for myself so the next time I am starting to slip up I can remember what it feels like to have to start back up again.  

So, I am optimistic moving forward and I can NOT wait to take off the weight I have gained in the last month or so. 😭

Ok, enough whining. 

Only four more weeks of school. Henry is so fun right now I can’t wait to spend the days with him! I have a lot of fun stuff planned in my mind. I need to write them down. And we definitely want to spend time at my parents’ boat as it is the last year they are going to have it. 

I hope everyone is having a good week. 

We are loving being able to go outside. 

And the other day Craig, Henry and I were sitting on the front porch. Henry was in between us and I caught these candids. I love them. 

I just love him to pieces. 

I hope all is well with all of you!! 


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Humbling

  1. Angie says:

    Keep your head up and going. You’re fine
    😘 hugs to that little guy 🤗 and tell Craig hi
    See you in May.

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