Heidy Ho, Neighbors

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. Every time I go to start a blog I feel like I have so much to say because so much time has passed that it’s hard to even start. So I guess I’ll just break that streak and write something! 

I got my hair cut today. I had to cancel my scheduled hair appointment due to some health issues my mom was having (she’s fine now, friends!) and so it was MUCH longer than I like it to be. I told my hair dresser I felt like Crystal Gayle. I do not like the feeling of my hair on my neck and I hate when my bangs are too long. 

Now I just need it colored which will be on June 1st. Woohoo! 

I had a nice mother’s day and am so excited with my gift. Some people might think it is weird, but I’ve wanted a night alone in a hotel room forever. I can just relax, not worry about cleaning, and just chill. And that’s what I got! I’m going to use it once summer starts. 

I know Mother’s Day is tough for some people for many reasons, and I am always extra thankful to have my mom around and to be a mom. 

The weather was so beautiful all weekend. Craig’s birthday is tomorrow so we celebrated on Saturday by going to a local pizza place for lunch and a local family friendly brewery after. 

As far as fitness/weight loss, I am plugging along. I’ve been doing some work on my binge eating so actively losing weight is inadvertently on the back burner. But, taking care of myself and not binging or emotional overeating is high on the priority list. I feel good about my relationship with food lately and for me that has to be a major step. 

I have 7 days left of school and I am ready. I can’t wait to spend my days with my bug!

Beth WA

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