Invasion of the germs.

Man Alive, have we been hit by sickness at my house. It started last Sunday, the night after we had our families over to celebrate Henry's birthday. Henry had quite a weekend, Thursday we went to Chuck E Cheese, Saturday we went to a 1st birthday party of a friend's, and Sunday all of his favs came over for his birthday. My niece Ava spent the night that night. Henry went to bed at 7:30 as he was exhausted. Ava and I were watching a movie we rented when all of a sudden at 930 Henry starts crying for me. I went up there and he was burning hot. He has never had a really high fever so I did my best to stay chill but I was freaking out a little inside. Ava was very helpful and got him some cold milk and a cold rag while I located and administered Tylenol. I kept him downstairs with us for a while because I wanted to make sure the Tylenol did its job. And it did so I put him back in his bed. I figured he just had a big weekend and got a little bug from being worn out.
It ended up lasting the whole week and it ended with pink eye. We went to the doctor and he didn't have strep, it was just a virus. So we just had to wait it out. On Tuesday my throat started to hurt and by Thursday it was unbearable and I felt sick. I went to Urgent Care. That didn't really help. Long story short, I ended up at my Primary Care doctor yesterday, which I should've done in the first place and I am feeling so much better today. Except I have pink eye. Hahahah. (And Ava got strep! Antibiotics helped her within 3 days.)

And we are going on vacation Thursday and our whole downstairs is getting painted while we are gone, and because I've been sick my house looks like an episode of Hoarders. So I have been busy today trying to dig out from the whole of 8 days of illness. Thank GOD for my mom. She came home from her boat vacation to help us out. She has Henry while I get this stuff done. So, I better get back to it!

Here are some pictures from some birthday stuff of Henry's. I didn't get too many. Also, we had to cancel our birthday/anniversary night away because of illness. Major bummer. My birthday has been rather unremarkable for the last several years. I think I need to plan something next year.

Beth WA

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