Holla at your girl…

Good morning. It’s Saturday, my favorite day. I’m doing my favorite thing, drinking coffee, watching the Today show, sitting in “my spot,” on the couch.

Last night my school had a “Fall Fest,” for the younger kids at our school. It was a bunch of games in our gym and the kids could win prizes at the games. Little kids love it and I was so impressed with my big kids who came to volunteer. It was a fun family night but I am exhausted. I have a cold and I’ve been so tired all week. I’ve also been eating like crap. But I am stopping that this weekend. I’ve been wavering on where to go from here. I did well on Whole 30, and I didn’t track. But once I started eating other food as well, I lose the ability to eat in moderation. So, I either eat all the foods and track or I eat Whole30 and don’t track. For me right now that’s the reality. I am just starting the book Food Freedom by Melissa Hartwig, creator of the Whole30, and I’m going to see how that helps. I plan on doing a Whole30 in January but I need a plan over the holidays. One thing I am spottily doing is working out in the morning. I’m going to keep trying to do that and see how it goes. I love the feeling all day when I do it, and I hate the feeling all day when I don’t. So, it’s a work in progress. In other news, we had a really fun Halloween. Henry was a zombie like he wanted to be for months. I’ll admit I was not excited about this. I wanted my cute little boy to have a cute little costume. But, it turned out he was cute enough to make even a zombie costume cute.

Today I am resting and not going to the gym. I need rest. My body and mind have been so tired all week. And today Henry woke me up at 5:45. 😣

I’m going to grocery shop, meal plan and prep, read, and relax this weekend. I also have some grading to do this weekend and laundry of course. 😬

Have a great weekend!!


Beth WA

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