What a week. I normally have very few evening commitments during the week but this week has been chock full of plans and it’s got me exhausted. I could’ve easily gone to bed at 6:30 last night, but I went to my school for an alumni basketball game. The girls basketball team played a bunch of alumni players and it was so fun. I brought Henry and he had a blast.

But, my house is a mess, I didn’t meal plan so we ate out a lot, I have a million hours of grading to do and I only exercised on Monday. I did get almost 10000 steps every day so I was moving a lot. So, for this upcoming week I have a good schedule. Today I am going to a low impact aerobics type class that I go to a lot, Monday morning Body Pump, Wednesday Body Pump, Thursday I am doing a 5K, and Friday I am going to do some sort of work out at home. Saturday I’m going to Body Pump and the aerobics class I’m going to do today. I’m going to make a few things on Sunday to get me through to Thanksgiving break when I have a little more time to cook meals.

On the Monday after Thanksgiving I’m going to start a Whole27 which will get me to the day before Christmas Eve. Then I’m going to start an actual whole 30 on Jan 1st or 2nd. I’m looking forward to it and Craig is supportive of it so that makes it a lot easier. We are also going to get rid of Henry’s high chair and try to have family dinners. We are going to try to get Henry to eat more foods and I know it will be easier if we are all eating together and the same thing. And I feel so much better on whole30 food. And I need to feel better.

Henry got to hang out with his BFF, Wes at the game last night.

We have to work on Henry’s picture posing.

Today is a special day because it is the anniversary of the day I found out I was pregnant. It’s been 4 years and I still remember it like it was yesterday. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

What a blessing Henry is to us. I’m thankful every minute of every day for this gift.

Have a great day, everybody!


Beth WA

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