Whole30 R2 D2

Well, Day 2 is in the books! It was full of yummy eats. Breakfast and dinner were the same as yesterday but I wanted to share this amazing Beef, sweet potato, apple hash recipe from Just Jessie B. I found her when she took over the Whole30 Instagram for a week, which is how I’ve found so many amazing blogs! I’m talking about you Physical Kitchness.

Here is a picture of the recipe.

I am going to eat it for lunch this week and probably next! Yes, it’s that good!!

I hope you are all having a good week. It’s so freezing cold here. We go back to school Thursday, but the schools that go back tomorrow are either delayed or canceled already.


Beth WA

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2 Responses to Whole30 R2 D2

  1. Angie Lawrence says:

    That all looks very good . I want that beef,sweet potato.

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