Whole30 R2 D13

Well, Henry is still sick. He’s got a fever and his only symptom seems to be a cold, but it hasn’t been that bad except he looks super tired all the time. He’s been begging me to build a snowman for a week, without relenting. So, we got 3-4 inches of snow last night so I promised him I’d take him out. And I did it because it is the #yearofexperiences

We were only out about twenty minutes and the snow didn’t pack, but we had fun making the tiniest snowman ever.

He was weepy that we didn’t get to make a real one but I told him we could try tomorrow.

I ate pretty well today. I only had one snack. Yay.

I guess I only took a picture of my breakfast. I had three eggs instead of two. They were yummy. I’m so happy I found a way to cook eggs that I like.

I had two things on my to do list and I did them both. I put Henry’s clothes in his room instead of a laundry basket in my downstairs spare room. And I did this:

I would like an oval pic for the top middle, but all of these pictures make me so happy.

Okay, I gotta go watch ID Discovery!


Beth WA

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