Whole30 R2 D11 & D12

Hi friends!

We had a big snow here this afternoon and our schools were canceled today due to the impending snow! It was nice because they were canceled on Thursday night!

Henry has a low grade fever so I was glad to be with him today.

I bought him some Lucky Charms last night and he was so excited to open them this morning. See…

I’ve been doing well. I’m still tired. But I feel good. Today was really tough to stay on track. I know I’ve been snacking too much yesterday and today and overeating at meals. I need to work on that.

Some eats:

As you can see I bought an avocado. Hahahah. The top pic is the hash I’ve been having for lunch every day. Today I was able to reheat in skillet on stove and add more spinach and half an avocado.

The bottom pic is my breakfast. I had less potatoes and added a chicken apple sausage. I’m trying to find what satiates me until lunch. So far, nothing. Hahahah.

For dinner I used a new marinade I got from Thrive Market and marinated a small pork tenderloin and some chicken I had in the fridge. Craig used it to make a fajita like mixture and it was delicious with a sweet potato and the other half of the avocado. I ate it too quickly to get a picture. That’s another thing I’ve been doing the last two days. Eating too quickly!

I have a three day weekend now, not including today and I ain’t mad about it!!! Hahahaha.


Beth WA

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