Whole30 R2 D10

This Whole30 is truly flying by. I’m keeping good simple, while trying new things at the same time. I’ve been good about eating leftovers and being economical.

For instance, tonight for dinner I had two of these, which I’d never had before and I really liked. I usually hate turkey burgers.

I had them with the new less expensive than Tessemae’s ketchup I bought (and some mustard) that is compliant.

I have to say it is okay but not as good as Tessemae’s

And neither are as good as Heinz.

I also ate warmed up roasted vegetables from Monday night. I drizzled tahini on them for the first time ever and it was delicious and creamy. I didn’t use much at all but it was a great addition.

For lunch I had hash, but the power was out at school so I couldn’t warm it up so it was cold hash. Blerg.

For breakfast I had these Aldi potatoes that I’ve been eating almost every day.

With these peppers added.

And two eggs on top.

I eat snacks even though it’s not recommended. I have an RX bar In the morning and dates with almond butter in the afternoon.

I’m feeling good but still working on early morning wake ups. I haven’t accomplished my goal of 5 am and exercising but I’m working on it. One of the things I’m doing is trying to go to bed earlier. I’m being patient with myself since I’ve been doing so well with food.

I did one of my New Year’s changes thanks to my mom and it was amazing. I stayed for two hours after school was over and did work. And it felt so great. If I can do that every week two or three days I wouldn’t feel so suffocated like I’ve been feeling and so mediocre. Ever since I’ve had Henry my work has suffered and I’m ready to get back to how I was. It felt good to be able to get my lesson plans/homework on our online program so parents could see them, I did seating charts that the kids have been begging me for, I did lots of planning and copying. Phew.

Ok, I’m going to do my Day by Day journal and then take H to bed and go to bed myself.

Hope you’re all having a great week!


Beth WA

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