Whole30 R2 D25-30

Well I survived the last days of the Whole30!! I was really proud of myself and had about four plans for after my Whole30 but never really committed and what happened was nothing short of a disaster. I ate a ton of shit food and felt like complete shit. Last night I was nearly in tears saying to my husband, “I don’t know why I do this to myself.” Seriously. The foods I love to eat copious amounts of, do not love me back. So, today was a lot better. It wasn’t perfect but a lot better. And I exercised for the first time in ages. So I am feeling a lot better today than I was the last two days.

I have lots to update on here, but I will do that tomorrow morning after my group training with some of my besties! Yep! You heard me! A trainer who is one of my besties is going to train three of us girls tomorrow at 8 am. On a Saturday.

Pray for me. I’m nervous.


Beth WA

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