What’s happening?/!

Hi friends and family! What’s happening? I have recovered from my two day free for all after my Whole30 and have been doing pretty well in my Food Freedom. I’m trying to balance life and my health goals. So the last few days I’ve eaten mostly compliant foods with the exception of the party I went to last night. I ate only two meals before so I could eat at the party but not go overboard. And that’s exactly what I did. I wanted to make sure I didn’t eat emotionally and mindlessly because the party I was at was the 16th birthday celebration of Carly. Carly’s mom wanted to give Carly the celebration she’d always wanted for her 16th birthday and she wanted to give people the opportunity to celebrate her life. And, celebrate we did! So many of her classmates and friends as well as family and family friends were there to celebrate. It was standing room only and it was bittersweet. I feel really sad but joyful. It’s hard to explain. We had a balloon launch, and it was beautiful. Here are some pictures but none of them do it justice.


Craig and Henry spent the night at Craig’s parents house last night so i had a nice restorative day yesterday. I got a good night’s sleep and got to sleep in until 8:30!!!

The other thing that happened this week is a walk a thon we had at school where we walk in honor or memory of somebody in order to raise money for the school. I chose Carly, obviously. My friends and family generously donated so much! My total was $1250!! And the walk a thon total was over $10,000!!!

It was a great day. And also the first workout I’ve done of 2018. 😬

And then yesterday, I had a training session with my friend Stacy, who is a personal trainer. She offered a deal for groups of 4 so a few of my besties and I signed up and we had a great time except today I am sore AF. I have a slight cough and it hurts my abs to cough. But it’s a good sore. I am waking up my muscles!!! Hahaha.

I hope everybody had a great weekend. We are going to a Super Bowl party tonight and I’m in it for the JTim half time show!! Hahahah.

Xoxoxoxo,Beth WA

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