Well, I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch with life in general and starting back to school with a new boss has piled on to the whole thing. But, I am persevering. I may have gained 8 lbs back but I am not quitting. I am doing my best each day trying to figure out how to make it through this time.  My schedule is wonky so I’ve decided I need to go week by week and figure out what workouts I am going to do – whether at the gym or at home. I know I won’t be able to go to the gym as much as I did last year but I can’t use that as an excuse not to work out. I mean, I have every workout DVD that ever was. 

My group at the gym is having a renewal of sorts on August 22nd but I can’t wait that long to be back on plan! I could gain another 5 lbs easily!!!! So this week I am going to try to stay in calories and get at least 3-4 workouts in. I start back to work officially this week and on Monday is my first day with kids! 

This past Friday we had a farewell bbq at my parents for my brother and his family. They went back to Houston on Saturday morning. We are going to miss them like crazy. They were excited because they were going back to their new house! 

This Saturday we went to this Food Truck event the local Rotary puts on in a park about .75 miles from our house. Here is Henry looking cool at the event. 

Today Craig took Henry to his parents house and I spent 6 hours cleaning out Henry’s toys, hanging a few pictures, scrubbing the tub and cleaning the kitchen. There is so much more to do but that’s what I got done today. I threw away three giant bags of garbage and I was pretty thrilled with that. 

I hope everybody has a good Monday!! ❤️


Beth WA

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