Last Lazy Morning

Welp, the time has come. Another school year is beginning. I have open house tonight, meetings tomorrow and Friday, and then Monday is my first day with the kids. I have switched to teaching all religion all day and I am excited and nervous. I want to make it a really great experience for kids but I have a lot to learn. I am happy to leave the stress of teaching math for a while because it stresses me out and to be honest, I am not that good at it. 

So, today is the last slow morning of the summer for Henry and myself.  We are both going to miss it as we are both slow starters! 

Yesterday we went to my BFF, Liz’s house. She recently lost a lot of weight and was giving me some of her old clothes (that I begged her for!). Last night I tried them all on and I am so happy to have some new back to school clothes. There were cute dresses in there, too. These were two of my favorites. 

On the way down to Liz’s we stopped at McDonalds for lunch. I got a Southwest salad, and Henry got a happy meal. He got a pedometer watch and he loves to wear it and I just think it’s the cutest thing to see a two year old with a watch on. 

Then we got home and Henry “drove” his jeep that he got from his grandparents for his birthday. He now has the hang of holding his foot on the gas, just not steering. So, I was a sweaty mess following him around. 

And then this happened….

In case you are wondering how he got in there, he ran right over everything you see behind him. Luckily the flowers were resilient. 

It was hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. He said “Tadaaaa…”

Have a great day, y’all! 


Beth WA

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