-1.2 this week, -29.2 total. 

Hooray! A loss. I was completely surprised by this because I was way over my weekly points and my fitness points. But I tracked everything even when it was bad. I like doing that because I feel less out of control even though my points may indicate out of control-ness. Ha ha! 

So I am about 4 lbs from my lowest weight in all of 2016 and then I can go Down further. Yay. I am ready. I was lazy with meal prep this week. Actually, I am kind of changing around how I do meal prep a bit based on our new budget. For lunch I am having sliced peppers and a teeny bit of ranch, chicken from the Kroger deli that is cooked and separated and was marked down to 2.38 for 4 pieces. I bought two packs and eat two pieces of chicken for lunch, and half a sweet potato with goat cheese sprinkled on it. I eat the other half in the morning with banana, fage, chia, and almond butter on it. So yummy. 

And my other new favorite thing I’ve seen WW ambassadors drinking like crazy.  It’s iced coffee with a protein shake in it. 

I used this cold brew. 

With this shake because it is only 2 smart points 

And it was amazing. I have a problem with too much creamer in my hot coffee. So, I am going to save that for the weekend. 

I hope everybody had a good Tuesday!! 


Beth WA 

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4 Responses to -1.2 this week, -29.2 total. 

  1. Elizabeth Richardson says:

    I use Premier Protein like a creamer in my hot coffee too. That way I can use a ton of it and it is good for me
    When I was on the liquid only fast this summer I had coffee, ice and a Premier every morning. So good!

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