Saturday Morning

Another Saturday morning, and we were up at 6:45 at our house. I actually woke up at that time because I slept solid from 10:30. I was so tired last night. My dog kept me up most of the night Thursday walking around my room on the hardwood floors. 

I have to really focus on getting the bare minimum points until Tuesday as I’ve eaten so much this week. Well, mostly Tuesday, but it’s definitely showing on the scale. And when I look back I notice I ate noticeably less fruit and veggies. This is such a process!!! I’m trying to be more forgiving of myself this time around and just dealing with mess ups and moving on instead of making it into several weeks of giving up. So far it’s working. But I’m getting pissed that I can get past this weight. Up and down, up and down within the same 7 lbs. I need to go for it this week and break past it.  Maybe I’ll make that my goal for the remainder of January. I will break the self imposed plateau. 😉💪🏻❤

This morning I am going to the gym for body pump and Rockin to the oldies, then I am getting my hair done at noon. After that, no plans for the weekend. Woo hoo. 

I hope everybody is having a good weekend? How is everybody doing on their New Years Resolutions?!?!?


Beth WA

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