Whole30 R2 D4

Dishes. Oh the dishes. Thank goodness for two things, one is that we have a very large sink and two – thank goodness W30 gives your more energy to do all of the dishes!!

I am loving the Day by Day Book. I’ve made a ritual when Craig gets home to get a few minutes to myself with my sharpie pens and my book and do the journaling. Carly would be so proud of my pens!!

Today’s eats were; same breakfast and lunch as the last few days and dinner i threw together:

Aidell’s chicken sausage, pepper salad (it’s almost gone! Ha ha), and Trader Joe’s mashed sweet potatoes. I didn’t eat the whole bowl, I just didn’t want them on my plate.

Ok, I gotta go put H to bed and then go to bed myself. I’m tired!


Beth WA

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