Emerald Evening

Last night Craig and I attended my school’s annual fundraiser that’s an auction. They have a silent and a live auction, a dinner and a successful alumni speaker.

This year our speaker was Debbie Penzone from the Charles Penzone salons. She is a graduate of Catholic Central, my school. She did a great job.

It was a really fun night and it was nice to spend time socializing after being laid up for three weeks. It was also really nice to dress up in clothes that fit comfortably. I’m not comfortable enough to wear a dress yet, but I wore this:

And I was so happy they had food I could eat. The salad had a slice of fresh mozzarella that I enjoyed with the pesto they also had on the salad plate.

For dinner I had part of a twice baked potato and smashed cauliflower and a few bites of chicken piccata.

We ended up with two things from the silent auction. We got a Woeber Mustard basket filled with mustard, and a few Central sweatshirts. I was very excited about that.

The other basket had a Keurig, coffee, a bottle of Jameson and another whiskey and some other coffee fixins. I am super excited about our goods!

Well, tomorrow is the day I start getting up at 5:00 and exercising before work. I fell asleep from 7-8 pm tonight so it’s going to be hard to fall asleep, but at least I know I will fall asleep tomorrow night!

I am also excited because I start soft foods on Tuesday!!! Woot woot!!!!

Have a great Monday, everybody!


Beth WA

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I have surpassed the 30 pound mark. Yay. I am feeling good. It is a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning. I was never a snooze person my whole life until the last 20 lbs came on. I would hate getting out of bed.

I also have energy throughout the day which is nice. But man I am tired at the end of the day. I went back to work Thursday and had the most amazing night’s sleep Thursday night. I also went to my surgeon’s office and got taken off one of my two blood pressure pills. She said the second one would probably follow soon after. This is great news.

Yesterday I worked, then in the evening I went to a birthday party for one of my very dear friends. I attended the event with Henry’s godmother, and we had a really good time. Carly’s mom was there, also, and we just had a really fun evening laughing and talking.

By the time I got home at 10:30 my abdomen was so sore from being upright all day. And I was wiped out!! I slept for almost 10 hours. And it felt so good.

Here’s my most recent picture.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Beth WA

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30 lbs

So, for the last several days I’ve been staying pretty much the same weight, down maybe a pound and a half. This is common in this process and it’s funny to me it is at the 30 pound mark. It’s funny because 30 lbs is the most I’ve ever lost in any diet I’ve ever done. I’m looking forward to surpassing this mark, hopefully in the next few days.

In good news, I was able to wear one of my favorite shirts that had gotten too tight:

Well, off to enjoy my last Friday off before i go back to work next Thursday! The best part is that I’m only back to work for three weeks then we have Spring Break. Woohoo!


Beth WA

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Purées, Day One

Well, I was so excited for this day. But man, once it came to eating I was so nervous. I just didn’t want to throw up!

It is so hard for me to wrap my head around how little I can eat compared to before surgery. And it’s been eye opening to me to silence the voice in my head that is wanting to eat large quantities of food all of the time. I can’t believe how much food i would’ve eaten had I not been sleeved these last four weeks. This has been a learning process to listen to my body, not my head, not my impulses.

Anyway, here’s my breakfast, before and after. About 3 oz of cottage cheese.

Here’s my lunch, one scrambled egg with about a teaspoon of goat cheese crumbles:

And finally my dinner, which was my favorite. It was a recipe I made from the binder of recipes my doctor’s office gave me. It’s cottage cheese mixed with sugar free cool whip and a jello packet. I used raspberry jello.

I could’ve licked this clean.

For snacks I had protein shakes. And on the protein shake subject, I am so happy that GNC has back in stock their Cookie Butter shake. It’s my favorite.

Well, I’m out of things to talk about. 😆

Have a great night.


Beth WA

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-30 lbs

So, I’m almost two weeks post op, and including the pre op diet, I’ve lost around 30 lbs. I can definitely feel it. All of my largest clothes are super loose. Most of those clothes were bought in the last 6 months out of desperation. I don’t have many pictures because I’ve been wearing sweats and pajama pants every day, because elastic waist feels best on my stomach. But here is one day I wore real clothes.

The pants are super big but the shirt is one I couldn’t wear any more because it had gotten way too tight and now I can wear it.

Tomorrow I start purées and I can’t wait. I’ve been down in the dumps. It’s hard not eating, hanging mostly at home, and not spending money. Hahaha. But today Henry and I got outside because the weather was finally nice enough! We went on a small walk and it was just what the doctor ordered to get me motivated to do a few other things around the house that I needed to do.

I have a Shipt order in to be delivered this afternoon to make my purées. Some things I’m going to be having; cottage cheese, scrambled egg, baked ricotta casserole, puréed cauliflower casserole, cottage cheese bake, mashed sweet potato. I can not wait. I think it will give me more energy. And the protein shakes are practically making me gag I’m so sick of them.

I go back to school next Thursday and I am so excited to be back in the swing of things although it’s going to be a super busy fourth quarter. But the good news is I’ll have more energy!

Hope all is well with everybody and thanks for all who have checked in on me regularly.


Beth WA

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Almost one week…

Almost one week ago today! That’s how long it’s been since surgery. I’ve been on a liquid diet for three weeks. That’s so crazy to me. I’ve lost crazy amounts of weight in that three weeks. 27 lbs to be exactly. But it’s hard. I mean your stomach wouldn’t let you eat the food but it all looks and sounds good.

Luckily he is so cute, because he is eating Papa John’s right next to me!

Aside front that, things are going well. There’s been no real bad pain, mostly soreness in my main incision. But I stopped the prescription pain meds a few days ago and just take Tylenol in the morning and the night.

I definitely get tired easily. This afternoon I passed out at 3:45 until 6:00!! I’ll pay for that by being up half the night, I’m sure.

The hardest part is keeping up with fluids and protein. It’s getting better each day but it’s a full time job. I wish it wasn’t 15 degrees out so I could walk down the street instead of around the house. I’m trying to rack up my step count.

I did my nails last night to perk myself up:

And my friend sent me this poem in the mail. ♥️

I’ve been so blessed with support and love from friends and family. I am such a lucky girl.

Also, I must mention that I’m devastated by the death of Luke Perry. 😢

RIP, Dylan McKay. 💗💗


Beth WA

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On the losers bench!

In the bariatric world that’s what they call it when you are done with surgery. I did it and I am so damn proud of myself. This is not something I say very often.

I went in Tuesday morning and every thing went right as scheduled. My surgery was at 10 am then I went to recovery for a long time because they didn’t have a room for me yet. But that was fine because I was half out of it and those nurses were very attentive and sweet.

Then they took me to my room. That first day is kind of a blur. I was dozing a lot and sipping very small sips of water. I was, in fact, a little shocked at how small the sips were that I could handle.

Craig had brought me to the hospital in the morning and stayed most of the day, then went to pick up Henry from my mom’s. He took Henry to basketball and then Henry started puking. So, that was unfortunate. Luckily Craig’s mom was coming to watch Henry Thursday and Friday, so she came earlier on Wednesday to help Craig out. The bad part about that is I wanted no part of Craig or Henry near me because I did not want to risk getting that bug!

So, that left my mom to get me moved out of the hospital last night which was late because it took me forever to drink my 32 Oz of water that was my get out of the hospital ticket! I also didn’t ask for pain meds yesterday so by the time we got back to my mom’s house we were both spent. I took all my meds and slept for 11 hours and was up for two hours and then took a three hour nap. My mom has been a real trooper throughout this process. I know she was a nervous wreck but she stayed strong and encouraging for me. But that’s how my mom is, and I am very lucky. She’s taken very good care of me.

Today, I sipped all day on water and a protein shake. I didn’t meet my goals of 40 g of protein, but the doctor said it takes time and it will get easier each day. I am getting excited about the future with my new “tool.” I have lots of plans for myself and I’d like to think, “the best is yet to come.”

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the support of so many friends and family members. I’ve gotten so many texts, messages, calls and love from so many. I am profoundly blessed.

So, I’ll leave you with a selfie of me today… being proud of myself. ☺️


Beth WA

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Twas’ the night before…

Well, tomorrow is the day I get my VSG surgery and I couldn’t be more ready/excited. I went today for my last pre-op appointment and I lost 17.2 lbs in the two week pre-op diet! Admittedly, I would’ve been really disappointed if I hadn’t lost a good chunk because the calorie count is so low and I stuck to it. It was 4 pre-made protein shakes, broth, and cucumbers and celery “as needed.” I was so hungry e’ery day, all day, but i survived.

Now tomorrow is the big day. I feel so supported and loved by so many as I continue this journey.

Thank you all for your support.


Down 17.2, a lot to go!! Hahaha.


Beth WA

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Fresh Start

Well, friends, it’s been a while. We’ve been busy in the Allman house with work and Henry’s basketball. Watching four year olds learn basketball is quite the sight to see.

But Henry loves it so much even though he is completely clueless.

And I’ve been busy preparing to have a medical leave from work because on Tuesday I’m having life changing surgery. I decided about a year ago that I wanted to look into VSG bariatric surgery after I watched my BFF, Liz, have success with it. I joined an online community of people who had the surgery and found a bunch of women just like me, with my same weight story.

On May 30th I started the process of going to just about every type of doctor you can imagine and got tested, poked, prodded and finally here I am with all of my clearances just about to have surgery. I am not even nervous. That’s how excited I am to do this.

I’ve bought cookbooks like this one to help me along the way:

I am so blessed with an amazing support group of friends, and my mom and my husband and mother in law. They are so helpful and encouraging to me that I can literally feel their support get me through the days. Because these days are a little stressful with the preop diet that allows four protein shakes a day, cucumbers and celery and broth only. No real food. The good news is that I’ve lost 13 lbs since last Tuesday.

I haven’t shared with many people until now because I didn’t want to hear others horror stories. And if somebody were to tell me a horror story now 5 days before surgery that would just be mean and I don’t really have any mean friends. 😆

I hope you are all having a good week! And I will be in touch.


Beth WA

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Grief and Magic

Well, hello friends. I hope everybody had a fabulous Christmas season. I am in my last weekend before I go back to school, and honestly, I think my body and brain are ready to be back to work.

We had a rough December here. My beloved Uncle Roger passed away rather unexpectedly. He was not in great health, but we did not think he was near death. It’s been rough on my whole extended family especially my dad. It was his little brother.

My uncle passed away the day before our family Christmas party, so we were heading up to Cleveland for that party anyway so it was lovely and cathartic to be with the whole family after he passed. Here are some pictures of that evening.

My uncle that passed away was the same uncle who was the Grand Marshal of the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day parade.

The day after the family Christmas party my aunt has a cookie party. She has an amazingly beautiful home and the kids all run around while the adult make cookies. Then everybody takes some home. It’s a fun afternoon/evening. However, this year there was a sadness in the air. My cousin Bridget and I and many other family members worked on planning the funeral mass during the party. She did an awesome job pulling it all together!

I just realized I have 0 pictures from that party. Oops.

On Sunday, Henry and I headed back to Springfield to pack for the funeral. We both went to school half day on Monday then drove to Cleveland for the visitation at the funeral home. Henry loves seeing his cousins at these things so it was nice to have my little buddy with me. Craig came up after work and the three of us stayed at a hotel and attended the funeral on Tuesday. It was the grandest funeral. There were so many people whose lives my Uncle touched. It was absolutely a perfect tribute to him. Then, after the burial there was a luncheon at a reception hall. That was really nice and we ended it with a rousing rendition of Piano Man by Billy Joel. It was an Uncle Roger classic.

Then we went back to Springfield so I could work Wednesday, my last day before break. I wanted to get all of my exams grades before break. After that was our faculty Christmas party. I went for a little bit. I was so worn out.

Henry ended up getting sick and pink eye over the weekend so he missed his last day of school before break and spent the rest of the week resting back to good health. We all ended up getting it, too, and it’s lasted for. Ev. Er. (We are all still coughing.)

Anyway… next up the magical Christmas. Henry was so into all of it and it made it so fun. We did our Christmas morning on Christmas Eve morning so we could have a leisurely morning and hang out and enjoy the presents and the day. I was so happy with this decision. We had pancakes and family fun in our jammies.

Then, in the afternoon we went to my parents and opened gifts there, and had a delicious dinner. We had shrimp and steak. It was a really nice evening. Henry was loving all of it.

We woke up Christmas morning and went over to my in laws and had breakfast and more presents. My mother in law really works hard on Christmas shopping and she buys so many gifts for everybody and they are all thoughtful. Then we relaxed all day and ate some more! Hahaha.

On our way home from their house we stopped at my parents. We had a nice visit and then went home to bed!

The next day we were heading up to Cleveland as my aunt’s ex husband passed away. Their kids are my cousins whom I love dearly. Originally I was just going to go up by myself and attend the funeral but Craig was really not feeling well, so I brought Henry with me. He was happy to see his little funeral buddies.

These are my cousins’ kids and Henry’s play buddies. He couldn’t believe he had so many cousins.

We came home the next day and then spent the next few days hibernating at our house.

Then, we found out that a recent alumni of my school died tragically. He just went out for a jog and collapsed and died due to an undetected heart defect. It’s been awful. He was the greatest kid and it’s been a really devastating week. We were supposed to go back to school Thursday, but the school ended up closing Thursday and Friday for the funeral. It was the largest funeral I had ever been to. It was very sad. I’m hoping the family continues to feel the support of our community. But, man, they’ve got a tough road ahead of them. My heart goes out to them. Just so tragic.

So, now we are having the slowest morning ever then I have to get motivated to clean my house. It’s been neglected over break. I was being hard on myself about it but now that I typed my break out I realize it’s been a rough one and I need to give myself some grace.

I hope you are all having a great start to your New Year!! ♥️


Beth WA

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